We are located at

Agias Sofias 41,


TYB gives the opportunity to people with a keen interest in music, to learn to play or be educated. It is intended for beginners, amateurs and professionals, who wish to participate in a large musical ensemble. TYB is offering courses in the standards of the American band training system.
More specifically, the full schedule consists of 3 hours per week, where the following are being taught:

  • Musical instrument, by an expert teacher in groups of 4 people (1 hour)
  • Musical Ensemble, aka take part in TYB (1 hour)
  • Music Theory (1 hour). The musical instruments available are:
  • Flute,
  • oboe,
  • clarinet,
  • bassoon,
  • saxophone,
  • trumpet,
  • horn,
  • euphonium,
  • trombone,
  • tuba,
  • rhythmic and melodic drums,
  • conducting,
  • piano,
  • and music education for children.